Toren Lehrmann

Senior 3D Artist

Nature Path Diorama

Personal Work // Game Art

This scene was an exercise in modeling and texturing using photographed references. I wanted to achieve a photorealistic output that still felt like it could belong in a game world.
Software: 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop
Presentation: Marmoset Toolbag 2


The base dirt material from substance has moss and grass added, and is merged with the rocks and roots and grounded with additional dirt generated from the ambient occlusion bake of the plane. Moss is also added to the base of the tree texture, and foliage cards of grass, flowers, and other plants are added to emphasize the mood of spring time.


All moss is removed, procedural grass is tinted brown, and leaves are added to the base dirt, as well as 3d planes of leaves. The colors and skybox from Marmoset are adjusted to support the mood of the fall.


All vegetation and leaves are replaced with falling and settled snow. Colors and skybox are again changed within Marmoset to reflect a winter mood.

Marmoset 3D Web Viewer

Click the 'play' button below for an interactive 3D web viewer. The player will allow you to pan, zoom, and rotate the Spring themed scene, as well as view textures and wireframes.

Scene Breakdown

Low Poly Game Mesh - Approximately 4,500 Triangles for Ground and Tree, and 8,500 for Vegetation
Textures - 4096 for the Ground (variants displayed below), 2048 for the Tree, and 512 for the Leaves and Grass